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Relaxation and gourmet delights on the Opal Coast !

Between the fishing port and Boulogne sur Mer beach, opposite Nausicaa, step into the wonderful world of La Matelote !

A renowned gourmet dining destination in Pas-de-Calais, located between Paris, London and Brussels, Tony Lestienne’s Michelin starred restaurant invites you on a gourmet journey between land and sea!

The 4-star hotel has 35 rooms with a cosy atmosphere and relaxation area with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath and relaxation room.


La Matelote, a large family establishment, takes every care to ensure its guests’ comfort, offering a host of delights and gourmet treats, with attentive service and a charming setting.

The “plus”
       of la Matelote
The a la carte menu

Enjoy your stay to discover the richness of this country and its gastronomy.



Warm asparagus, poached egg, truffle 26 €


Large prawns, tomato, basil, basil, lime 26 €

Scallops in the typical way of Boulogne 28 €

'tartar oysters' 'in puff pastry tapenade' ' cooked on a pebble'

Comparison of foie gras 26,50 €

on tender caramel and orange cake ; fried escalope mashed parsnip

Roast Langoustine en buisson  34 € 



Locally fished sole, cockles  34 €


Antartic toothfish fillet, chopped mushrooms, truffle 35 €


Roast turbot steak  37 €




Pigeon breast marinated in red beetroot  36 €


Chopped veal kidney, fried mushrooms 32 €




Raspberry, biscuit, red pepper and raspberry sorbet 14,50 €


Pineapple, baba, old rum, coconut sorbet 14,50 €


Pear souffle, pear sorbet 14 €


Chocolate parfait, hazelnut biscuit 14 €


Fresh fruit salad, current sorbet 12,50 €

Selection of cheeses 14.50€

Saveurs de la Mer65 € TTC/Pers

Shrimps and shallot


Haddock and butter, tendre salmon

cabbage, peas, ham tartare


Braised sole

locally fished

parsley cream, cockles in a court-bouillon


Reypenaer VSOp 24 months old cheese


Lemon soufflé


Miniature cakes and chocolates

The menu is subjected to change

Tasting Menu82 € TTC / pers



Fresh foie gras of duck


Lobster and turbot fricassee


Sea bass briskly fried on its skin, warm asparagus


Lamb, aniseed tomato chutney


Selection of cheeses + 4,50 € extra


Strawberry and peach tartar

Strawberry, Grand Marnier baba

Strawberry in olive oil


Miniature cakes and chocolates

Menu Découverte35 € or 40 €

35 € on working days

40 € on Saturdays for dinner and Bank Holidays and eves

According to choice

Smoked salmon, lentil dressing

Crab bisque, crab quenelle

Veal carpaccio, anchovy dressing


According to choice

Rock salmon, sting fish and cod

Beef, mushroom duxelles

Pan-frie sole (supp. 6 € )


Fruity cheese of Boulogne, the current cheese suppl 3 €


Baba, banana and rum, saffron caramel

Warm chocolate parfait, hazelnut biscuit

Juniper berry mousseline, meringue, coffee ice cream, caramel

Notre Midi Matelote40€ TTC / Pers boissons comprises - (mises en bouche, plat et dessert)

Pour maîtriser votre budget "repas d'affaires" nous ne vous présenterons que le midi Matelote

Réserver votre table en précisant votre demande "Midi Matelote"

Valable tous les midis sauf le jeudi, le dimanche et les jours fériés

(boissons comprises suggestion du sommelier: vin blanc, vin rouge, eau plate, eau gazeuse et café)

Les 3 mises en bouche du jour


Au choix

Le panaché de poissons du jour, velouté de cresson, tombée de petit légumes

La fricassée de calamars, confit de tomates, effeuillé de cabillaud

Les aiguillettes de canard à l'aigre doux d'orange,tatin d'endives aux agrumes


Au choix

Le soufflé au citron de Menton, "c'est la saison",sa crème glacée, friand au citron vert

Le parfait chocolaté tiède, biscit aux noisettes

La fraicheur des sorbets maison, salade de fruits frais